Are you looking for support to fulfil your Midlife Revolution goals?


Join Ignite your Midlife Revolution: 

A 3 month group coaching programme for Kickstart graduates.

11th January to 11th April 2021


Personalised support, accountability and structured input from Lee to keep your inspiration and momentum high as you travel with a group of women all working on their midlife goals. 

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If you want to...

  • Implement the changes you identified in Kickstart your Midlife Revolution
  • Learn sustainable ways to keep the inner critic at bay
  • Stay motivated to create new, sustainable ongoing actions towards your goals
  • Work in a small group of 4-5 other women working on their midlife goals
  • Get bi-weekly coaching input from Lee
  • Learn how to influence other people to relate to you in new ways so you can implement your changes
  • Keep your confidence and courage high as you ongoingly create new midlife revolutions

Then you might be a perfect match for the Ignite your Midlife Revolution group coaching programme.

How Ignite your Midlife Revolution works

We work together over the course of 3 months to embed the learnings of Kickstart your Midlife Revolution into your life. We delve into advanced content on three themes relevant to embedding change: Self, Others and Environment.

You will work with Lee and in small coaching groups to define and commit to actions, keep the inner critic at bay, take courageous actions, learn more about how to sustain change.

Month One: Self - Confirming and sharing your plan for your own changes

  • Create your 90 day action plan 
  • Have a 30 min 121 laser coaching session with Lee to confirm the plan, identify what might get in the way and how to overcome it 
  • Meet with your small group each week
  • Meet monthly as a large group on zoom with Lee
  • Work through new lessons on how to keep the inner critic at bay and keep motivation high.
  • Topics: the inner team, how to sustain change, practices for self love. 

Month Two: Others - Learn how to get other people on board and transform your relationships

  • Work through new lessons on how to influence other people to see you in new ways so you can make your midlife revolution changes.
  • Topics: Influencing, relationship mapping, boundary setting, coaching skills.
  • Group meetings are above
  • Recommit to your action plan

Month Three: Environment - Make the changes necessary to your work and  home to support your changes

  • Work through new lessons on how to make incremental improvements to your home or work environment to fulfil on your midlife revolution. 
  • Topics: assess you local environment, decluttering, money mindset.
  • Group meetings as above
  • Report on your action plan results
  • Create a new action plan for the next 3 months
  • Celebration!

What do I get?

Support from Lee

An initial 30 min 121 with Lee and then meet with her twice per month. Once a month in your small group  and once a month in a large Q&A session for the whole cohort.

Weekly calls

You are allocated to a small group of 4-5 women to be accountable for taking actions towards your Midlife Revolution and keeping the inner critic at bay.

Graduate Cohort Community Group

A dedicated, invite only closed facebook group for all the women in the graduate coaching programme cohort to share their midlife revolution goals, connect with and inspire each other.

Bonus Workshops

In addition to the course and calls above Ignite includes 3 bonus workshops. 

Bonus 1: Goal setting workshop

In this fun, interactive 90 min workshop we will explore how to set goals and make action plans. 

Bonus 2: Influencing Skills workshop

In this 2 hour workshop you will learn an influencing model and practice it on a live influencing situation in your own life.

Bonus 3: Coaching skills workshop

In this 2 hour workshop you will learn a coaching model and practice coaching skills with the cohort group. 

Now it's your turn. 

It's never quite the right time to focus on ourselves. We always have a reason to delay and postpone attending to our own needs, as we focus on the needs of others and the busyness of our lives.  But then later, we look back and wonder what happened. Why did we lose ourselves?

I want to make sure that your midlife is the time when that changed. The moment when you gifted yourself the time and attention to choose a future full of purpose, confidence, energy and direction. Come on, join us. There is no better time that right now. 

Lee x

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have finished Kickstart before signing up?

  • No, you still have access to the Kickstart programme so you can get through the exercises before we start on the 11th January. Don't put it off!

When does this coaching programme start and finish?

  • The course runs from Monday 11th January to Sunday 11th April.

I'm on holiday for some of that, can I still take part?

  • Yes, life happens and women's lives are complex. You can work round that and still participate. You will need to commit to your small group but you can agree that yourselves.

What hours will the small group calls be scheduled in?

  • You will be matched with people in as close to your geographical location as possible and will schedule the calls at a time that suits you.

What time will the calls with Lee be?

  • Lee will be available for calls between 7am and 6pm UK time, Monday to Friday.

What time will the monthly all cohort Q&A calls be?

  • Each month the call will be at a different time to account for as many time zones as possible. So for example, one at 7am UK, one at 12pm UK time and one at 7pm UK time.

What format will the community group take?

  • This will be a closed, invitation only facebook group.

Do I have to be on facebook to take part? 

  • No, the small group work will take place on zoom, as will the large group sessions, the workshops and the sessions with Lee. Most groups make a what's app group to stay in regular contact. 

How long can I access the Ignite your Midlife Revolution course materials? 

  • Access to the course platforms will be for 12 months, from January 11th. 

What is your refund policy?

  • Full refunds can be given up to the start of the programme on January 11th 2021.