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Kickstart your Midlife Revolution


A 5 week journey of self discovery, reclamation and revolution to break through that midlife barrier and live a life you LOVE!



Kickstart your Midlife Revolution

A 5 week online curse to boost your confidence, break through your midlife barriers and claim the future you deserve.

Join a community of likeminded women ready to take themselves on and lift each other up. 

Who is this for?

You're a woman in your midlife, in a time when we are probably going to live to 100. You are not done, you are only half way through your life! You know you are skilled and competent, you've managed so much already. 

Yet somehow as soon as you consider pursuing a new life the little voice in your head pipes up

"It's too late, you are too old"

"You should have done this when you were younger"

"You can't start a new career at 50"

"Don't be selfish, your family still needs you"

The idea of moving towards something new, even something better, is completely overwhelming. Meanwhile your lifelong dreams are still siting on the shelf gathering dust and feeling further out of reach. 

You have come to the right place!

Kickstart your Midlife Revolution will help you plan your midlife change, identify what stops you and how to deal with it, connect you with other women making change too and set you up to make your midlife the best years of your life. 

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What women say:

Course outline

Module One: Who am I?

We start by harvesting strengths and reconnecting to what is brilliant about us. In our own opinion and through the opinions of others.

Module Two: What do I want?

Next we look at where we want to go in life. We look at the skills needed to imagine and dream again and we create a vision for our ideal life.

Module Three: What stops me?

Up come the inner voices telling us we can’t change and we deal with those. We look at failure, confidence and imposter syndrome and how we can manage our doubts to reach for what we want.

Module Four: How am I going to do it?

Next we narrow down from our sometimes overwhelming possibilities and make some choices. We look at options and we plan to make it real.

Module Five: My Midlife Revolution

Now we commit to the revolution. We make an action plan and we look at the inner resources we need for our midlife revolution journey, like confidence and joy. You leave inspired, confident and with an action plan for your midlife revolution.

Hi, I'm Lee Chalmers

I'm here to create a revolution in women's lives. From lacking confidence in my early years I went to owning a successful coaching business, training thousands of women through my not-for-profit, running for Parliament and speaking on live TV without vomitting.

I'm not special. I'm just like you. Rather than accepting societies stories about midlife being a time when the best is behind us I am running straight at 50 with my arms open wide!

I'm tired of women of a certain age being written off, by themselves and others. I've spent the last 16 years helping people be successful and fulfilled and I want to help you achieve what you have given up on or just know is still possible.

 Lee x

"Lee Chalmers, one of Britain’s foremost personal development coaches and possessor of more charisma per inch than any woman in northern Europe.” 

G Browning, The Guardian

What's included in the course:


Over 15 videos with exercises and guidance spread over 5 weeks


Each week has several exercises with downloadable worksheets for you to work your way through the exercises


You will have lifetime access to the course so can revisit the course again and again. Lifetime means lifetime of the course but this should be many, many years!


Participate in the optional private Facebook group where you can share your insights and learn from the other midlife women

How will I feel after the course?

You will be different but in a way you recognise.

You will have reclaimed your mojo and be back in touch with some of the zest and spirit you knew yourself to have earlier in your life.

Your confidence will have re-emerged.

You will feel that you CAN change, that you can create a life that works for you.

You will meet and master your inner critic, the voice that tells you that you CAN’T and you will put her in her place so she has no control over you. 

You will be looking forward into the future with excitement and you will be feeling that you know your purpose and how you want to contribute to life.

You will feel alive and believe that midlife are going to be the best and most adventurous years of your life.

You will feel unstoppable and with your action plan in hand, ready to take on the world again. 

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Kickstart your Midlife Revolution

One payment of £299

  • 5 transformational learning modules delivered weekly
  • 12 video lessons designed to take you from confusion to clarity, boredom to inspiration
  • Downloadable worksheets for each exercise
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Facebook course community
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Frequently asked questions

Now it's your turn. 

It's never quite the right time to focus on ourselves. We always have a reason to delay and postpone attending to our own needs, as we focus on the needs of others and the busyness of our lives.  But then later, we look back and wonder what happened. Why did we lose ourselves?

I want to make sure that your midlife is the time when that changed. The moment when you gifted yourself the time and attention to choose a future full of purpose, confidence, energy and direction. Come on, join us. There is no better time that right now. 

Lee x

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