Midlife Revolution®

Womens Leadership Programme

Become a midlife woman full of confidence, direction and purpose, with the skills to make your midlife and beyond the most fulfilling years of your life.

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Midlife Revolution®

Womens Leadership Programme

Become a midlife woman full of confidence, direction and purpose, with the skills to make your midlife and beyond the most fulfilling years of your life.

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Midlife woman

From the outside you have a good life. You’re successful, with achievements under your belt and feel you should be happy with that.

But for some reason, that no longer feels like enough. That ‘on paper’ success doesn’t fulfil you anymore, and you’re hungry for more. More from your career, your relationships, hell more from your life.

And yet, as soon as that thought arises, you squash it. Because despite the sparks of courage, the moments of bravery there’s that little voice in your head telling you: “It’s too late. You’re too old. Change won't work for me”

The idea of doing something just for you, of wanting something better for yourself, makes you feel guilty. You desperately want to seek fulfilment of your needs, desires and wildest dreams but you’re afraid of what you’ll need to burn down in the process. 🔥


So many of the women I work with feel the same way. They’re successful and their schedules are full, but almost all of their time is spent tending to the needs of others.

They’re frustrated and feel unappreciated, desperate to live a life that lights them up, but guilty that they feel unsatisfied. They believe they should feel happy, but something isn’t right… they feel unfulfilled, and they know that finding that fulfilment will require radical change. They’re afraid it might be too late.


We are living in a time when many of us will live to 100. You’re perhaps only half way through your life, and yet you’re resigning yourself to a life half lived? You deserve more. Because here’s the thing:

You get one life. You know you can still fulfil your potential, that there is more happiness, meaning and purpose available. You have outgrown your life and there is more to explore. 

It’s time to become your own #1 priority. And that is what Midlife Revolution®, the women’s leadership programme, is designed to help you do.


A 24-week women’s leadership programme to boost your confidence, break through your midlife barriers and find the fulfilment you desire!

In this programme you will

  • reconnect to what you want to achieve in life,
  • define those unfulfilled dreams,
  • understand what has been holding you back 
  • increase your confidence
  • become skilled at saying no and holding your boundaries,
  • learn how to influence other people to produce outcomes you want
  • understand how power dynamics impact you
  • create and implement a midlife revolution action plan.   

Working with groups of fellow midlife women you will become part of a committed and supportive community ready to find true fulfilment in every area of their lives. You’ll leave this journey empowered, courageous and ready to create your meaningful and lasting impact on the world around you.  With friends for life.

"My Midlife Revolution is a simple and profound one - finding my way back to myself after years of being a Mum and everything else to everybody.

The programme and my group supported me to remember that I counted and that had most of the skills I already needed; I just needed to channel them in the right direction! I think Lee’s course should be on the NHS for all middle aged women! We all have such wonderful talents and capabilities, we just need to believe in ourselves. This course is the key and now I know which doors to unlock. Thank you!"

Lisa RW

What will you learn?

If you want to cause change, you start with yourself. We begin by harvesting strengths and reconnecting to what is brilliant about us. In our own opinion and through the opinions of others. We look at our inner critic, the voice inside our head that can hold us back and we discuss imposter syndrome and confidence. We start to work on our midlife revolution plan.

The reason reading a self-help book doesn't change you is that change doesn't happen in the mind alone so we look at our emotions and emotional intelligence and also the body. We delve into courage, what it is and what it takes to grow it and we look at how we can stop fearing failure. We examine how change works, how we can cultivate a growth mindset, self love and physical practices to support the life we want to create.

If we want to change our lives we need to get good at understanding relationships, how they work and how we can shape them. We can't change our immediate world without being able to influence those around us. You will learn influencing skills, boundary setting, being assertive, saying no, and understanding what motivates different people.

Changing ourselves will require an understanding of society. We look at power dynamics, how we wield power and are shaped by it. We examine our relationship to money, we look at how we start projects and get stuff done. We look at what it will take to be visible in the world to make the impact we want to.


What's included in the course:

20 modules with pre-recorded video training, drip fed over 24 weeks together, and split across some key areas of awareness and impact: The Self; Other People; and The World.

Downloadable tools and worksheets to accompany each module, giving you all the resources you need to succeed.

You will meet weekly in a small group of women to support each other to progress and apply the learnings from each module, share your challenges and find inspiration from the stories of your fellow midlife warrior women!

Each small group of 5-6 women will meet with Lee 4 times throughout the course to get specific coaching on the key themes of Self mind, Self Emotions and the Body, Others and The World.

You’ll be invited to join our private Facebook Group for support, community and guidance, joining your new tribe of Midlife Revolutionaries!

You won’t have to worry about how to handle future obstacles, as you’ll have access to all the tools and resources forever, so you can return whenever, and as often, as you need to.

PLUS 3 INCREDIBLE BONUSES! (worth over £2,000)


3 one-to-one 45 min Coaching Calls with Lee (Value: £900)

You’ll meet 1:1 with Master Certified Coach Lee three times during the course to discuss your midlife revolution, what you’re learning and what you still need to focus on. This incredible opportunity for personalised feedback and support is worth £900, and included free for you!


4 x Incredible Group Workshops (Value: £1,000)

During each of the four modules, Lee will host a group coaching workshop, focusing on important skills you’ll need to develop to support your midlife revolution, including Goal Setting, Emotional Intelligence, Influencing Skills and Understanding Power. 


EQi 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment (Value: £200)

You’ll be enrolled in an industry leading emotional intelligence assessment (EQi 2.0) with personalised results and recommendations to help you make those big, revolutionary decisions as you move through the course, and your midlife!

Hi, I'm Lee Chalmers

In my mid 30’s, I quit my job, started a business and embarked on a journey of personal development that changed my life.

Within the space of about 15 years, I was making 6-figures a year, I’d run for Parliament, started a not for profit, and spoken on live tv without vomiting from the middle of the Scottish Parliament debating chamber.

In my midlife I realised I wanted to make a change again. Until early 2020, I spent my time flying around the world, coaching and training for London Business School, University of Edinburgh Business school and other huge corporate clients. It looked great on the outside, but again I’d found myself missing something. A spark. A purpose.

That’s when I realised: I wanted to start a REVOLUTION in midlife women’s lives! Because I want to make a difference to women who were going through what I’d been through. I want to be part of creating a movement of women who aren’t constrained by themselves or others. Women who have dreams left to fulfil. So, at 49, I started over, once again and created an entirely new life from scratch. And if I can do it, so can you!

I’m on a mission to activate 100,000 women’s midlife revolutions. Will yours be one of them?

Is this programme for you?

Maybe you feel you’re already doing the inner work. After all, you’ve read Untamed. You’re an intelligent, self aware woman.

But, if you want real change and real fulfilment: Self Awareness alone isn’t enough.

You also need to be able to create change in your family. In your community. In your culture. In other words: You need to learn how to lead. Lead yourself and others. 

Inside the Midlife Revolution® Programme, I’m bringing my 17 years of corporate leadership experience to women in midlife, who I believe have the potential to create meaningful change and lasting impact.

But to do that we can’t just change ourselves. We have to change the world. From the inside out. 

And that requires a REVOLUTION!

Are you with me?



  • Empowered and emboldened
  • Inspired and unstoppable…
  • Courageous and confident
  • Hopeful and free…
  • Strong and fearless...
  • More connected to your friends and loved ones…
  • Clear and optimistic about your AMAZING future!

But if you think you can handle that, you might be ready to join the revolution!

"This course is not just a midlife revolution it’s a midlife revelation!

An enlightening experience that helps you connect with your true self and your strengths and other women and theirs too. I encourage your to invest in yourself and take the time to join Lee and other midlifers to embark on this journey to find your personal path forward and to be the best that you can be now and for the future."

Jacky C

"Lee's course came at a moment of transition in my life and gave me the courage, motivation and skills to face it head on with excitement rather than fear and worry.

The genuine collaboration between the course participants cheering each other on and picking each other up after a tumble has been a huge part of it and Lee's authenticity, energy and skill has guided us all from a place which lacks fulfilment to a place of possibilities. "

Fiona M

"Lee’s Midlife Revolution course has had a profound impact on my life.

It has got me thinking in really creative ways about old, stuck problems. It’s got me noticing patterns and stepping out of my comfort zone, as well as offering real support from a network of fellow travellers: all midlife women with questions and potential and massively generous hearts! Lee’s insights, honesty, guidance and energy has held us together throughout and personally life has turned around for me. (I am solvent now and I wasn’t when I started the course! ) It feels there are so many more transformations possible and being able to reframe things and strategise and dream together has caused real change for me and the rest of the women.  Don't hesitate - do this course! :)"

Georgina S

"I went into Midlife Revolution thinking that I wanted to change career but the steps Lee put in place, the exercises that she set, enabled me to really look at myself and unpack who I am and what I'm made up of. The course has had a massive impact on my confidence.

I feel more ambitious and actually got a new job while I've been on the course and I use so much of what I've learnt in terms of influencing skills and coaching in my job. I think investing that time (and money) has opened me up to what is possible.

I feel so lucky to have met such an incredible group of women that I have learnt from, been able to support, share with, be cheered on by. It feels like a very unique experience and that's very much down to the energy and safe space Lee creates. I wanted something practical, to finish the course with an action plan and that's exactly what I got and so much more."

Emma P

Now it's your turn. 

We think it's never quite the right time to focus on ourselves. We always have a reason to delay and postpone attending to our own needs, as we focus on the needs of others and the busyness of our lives. But then later, we look back and wonder what happened. Why did we lose ourselves?

I want to make sure that your midlife is the time when that changed. The moment when you gifted yourself the time and attention to choose a future full of purpose, confidence, energy and direction.

By joining the Midlife Revolution, you are saying YES to…

... increased confidence
... clarity about the future
... a strengthened self of self
... a deeper understanding of your capabilities

And saying a big, fat NO to…

… anything that no longer serves you
... the socialisation that asks you to martyr yourself and sacrifice your own happiness
... the ridiculous, outdated notion that MIDLIFE is too late for anything!

Come on, join us. There is no better time that right now. Fulfil your potential in your midlife.

Lee x

Frequently asked questions

"Lee’s courses have helped me cut through conditioning, habit, excuses, and fear of change to identify where I really want to be in life and hatch a plan to get there.

This process was intense at times, but six months later I have more clarity, more courage, and a powerful support network of amazing midlife women from around the world. It’s not overstating to say that my Midlife Revolution small group and Lee’s programs got me through the winter of 2020/2021."

Lesley A

"I can remember being so scared to sign up to Midlife Revolution but there was a feeling, a knowing that it was a "sign" and it was my time to step forward. 

I feel my life has transformed from working through Midlife Revolution. When I started I was feeling very shy and not wanting to be seen and/or heard. Not only has Lee's guidance, exercises and fun mottos (which enable you to think differently) been invaluable but also the community of ladies who are in the same position, wanting clarity, and a new way forward.  

I now am comfortable within myself, have an inner self confidence, and am showing up authentically in all areas of my life.  From going through redundancy during the programme and not knowing what my next step would be, to obtaining 3 job offers (saying no to two and then accepting the third), starting a coaching programme, I'm very excited about all the new opportunities coming my way.  

The programme gives you enough structure and flow to take what you need from it, and also the time to come back to the bits you may wish to focus more on.

I thoroughly recommend you taking this step. If you're looking for a sign, then here you go!"

Sonia L

I started off thinking 'I've nothing to lose and everything to gain'. How right I was!

This has been a great opportunity for me to take stock, re-focus and re-direct my energies into activities which tap into my real (and sometimes forgotten) interests and ambitions.
Lee created a welcoming and supportive space and carefully guided us through collective and personal enquiries into our lives, what we want from them and how to go about making it happen. I really benefited from conversations with like-minded women who want to live their best life, who are honest with themselves and others, and want to support those on their own journey. 
I now see myself as a creative writer with her own regular practice. I'm exploring how my personal interests in climate change and sustainability can inform my current and future work. And I'm in the midst of setting up my own portfolio business, incorporating these areas and others.
Ros B

"I signed up to Lee’s inaugural Midlife course without thinking twice.

We were in lockdown, I was concerned about losing my job whilst also feeling very dissatisfied with it. I was additionally struggling with having recently become a stepmom as well as having miscarried. There was a LOT going on. The idea of doing the course scared me a bit and that’s why I knew I should do it!

Lee’s courses have encouraged me to look at myself, who I am and what I want more closely and more kindly. Daily or weekly exercises have enabled me to untangle some of the myths I’ve trapped myself by and to discard certain self beliefs. Her course material is clear and straight forward but is also transformative. It’s up to you how much time or energy you want to put into it. Lee treats us as the adults we are but unsurprisingly, the more you put into the course, the more you shall get out of it. 

If you are reading this and wondering whether you sign up also, I’d urge you to ESPECIALLY if you feel a tiny bit of fear at the prospect of what you may learn about yourself. Speaking from experience, that fear can quickly become excitement for what lies ahead."


"Without any question of a doubt, embracing my Midlife Revolution was the best thing that happened to me in 2020.

I say ‘happened’. Lee launched the course just at the right time – I was already questioning what my future would be as a midlife woman and though I felt pretty crap about who I was and where I was in life, I had no intentions of writing myself off. The course introduced me to an incredibly supportive network of diverse women, to fresh thinking, and to practical skills. As a result I’ve regained a new self-esteem, I can acknowledge my abilities, experience and personal qualities and I’m confident about who I am as a 47-year-old woman. I’ve done all the ground work so now change can occur in the areas of my life which call for revolution. Lee reminded me to dream big!


Steph M

"I have had the pleasure to take a deep dive in my Midlife Revolution at a time where the world was upside down and I wanted to transition away from my 20-year business. The best idea of 2020 was to subscribe to Lee’s programme.

The combination of  an energetic course, flash mob types of exercise with hundreds of other women (so fun and amazing how it helped me re-discovered how rich my life has been), the multiple tools, the live coaching and the support of an amazing team of women, was cathartic.

It helped me articulate my next steps, make firmer decisions about my wants and "non-negotiables". At first, I was adamant to leave a business behind and apply for new jobs. At the end, I became more fluid, rekindled my love for my creative self, I became kinder to myself, I found the energy to start a new business, and simultaneously be open to various opportunities all in tune with my purpose. Thank you!"

Servane M

"I didn’t really have time to do the course, but it has helped me unlock time.

Be prepared for some ups and downs but with support from peers on a similar journey and carefully guided by Lee’s professional expertise and experience.   I have changed the way I approach life and made some lifelong friends. I loved being able to work at my own pace with no tests or exams. I’ve tuned into my strengths and found positive ways to manage difficult people and situations. Life seems a lot lighter and I approach it more calmly and without a looming fear of the future! I was surprised by what some of the exercises unlocked ; the unlocking has brought me more energy and enthusiasm and I will forever be grateful to Lee for reminding us that “Done is better than perfect”. I have done so much more!"

Lotte C