Are you a midlife woman with dreams still left to fulfil?


'New Year, New You' planning session


A 90 minute one-to-one coaching session on Zoom to make 2021 the year you boost your confidence, breakthrough your midlife barriers and claim the future you deserve.


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You are not too old and it's not too late

If you want to...

  • Say goodbye to 2020 powerfully and feel ready to enter into 2021 positively.
  • ​Create a vision for 2021 that inspires you but that also feels realistic.
  • Create a first steps action plan towards that inspiring midlife future.
  • Identify potential roadblocks and make a plan to overcome them.

Then this 90 minute 'New Year New You' 121 coaching session with Master Coach Lee Chalmers is for you. 

How does the coaching session work?

We spend 90 mins on zoom looking at what you learned from 2020, how we can pull forward the best lessons whilst making sure you don't replicate any mistakes next year.

Then we create a vision for your 2021, identify what might get in the way to stop that happening and how we can address that. You then make an action plan for 2021.

You leave feeling excited about the year ahead and ready to go!

A 90 minute coaching session is usually £360 (approx $491 USD) but this special new year session is only £199 (approx $271 USD).

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Hi, I'm Lee Chalmers

I'm here to create a revolution in women's lives. From lacking confidence in my early years I went to owning a successful coaching business, training thousands of women through my not-for-profit, running for Parliament and speaking on live TV without vomitting.

I'm not special. I'm just like you. Rather than accepting societies stories about midlife being a time when the best is behind us I am running straight at 50 with my arms open wide!

I'm tired of women of a certain age being written off, by themselves and others. I've spent the last 16 years helping people be successful and fulfilled and I want to help you achieve what you have given up on or just know is still possible. Join me for this 90 minute planning session to make 2021 your best year yet.

 Lee x

"Lee Chalmers, one of Britain’s foremost personal development coaches and possessor of more charisma per inch than any woman in northern Europe.” 

G Browning, The Guardian

Now it's your turn. 

It's never quite the right time to focus on ourselves. We always have a reason to delay and postpone attending to our own needs, as we focus on the needs of others and the busyness of our lives.  But then later, we look back and wonder what happened. Why did we lose ourselves?

I want to make sure that your midlife is the time when that changed. The moment when you gifted yourself the time and attention to choose a future full of purpose, confidence, energy and direction. Come on, join us. There is no better time that right now. 

Lee x

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