About me

Hi, I’m Lee. I can’t wait to help you cause your midlife revolution.

I had pink hair in my 20's and wanted to change the world. Somehow I ended up working in retail whilst I did my Philosophy degrees. After running a bookstore in Brighton and getting really burnt out I decided to retrain as a coach and in 2004 I started a coaching business to help people live lives they loved. 

But, I got seduced by the corporate world. Come work for London Business School, teach at Chicago Booth! Shiny buildings, good pay, lovely people but did I really want to help people be more effective at work when we all knew they hated it and wished they could pursue their real passion? And really, I want to work with women. 

In 2012 I went back to school, to the LSE and got my degree in Gender. I wanted to understand why women are they way we are. Why, when we are so capable and smart, are we not in charge. What is down to patriarchy and what is down to the inner voice that holds us back? That led to a PhD at Edinburgh, which I will finish in my 50th year, I will!

When Covid struck, like many of us, it was a time to reassess what I wanted and how I could ditch all the things that didn't work for me and pout my 20 odd years of experience to good use. So I made online courses for fellow midlife women who deserve more - more confidence, more happiness, more JOY! And so Midlife Revolution was born. With 1000 women through my courses in the last 8 months there is something in this!

Come along for the ride. Let's cause a Midlife Revolution. 

Lee x